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Product Description

Fire Alarm panel

Delta (Gas Release Panel / Conventional Panels)

Zone wise fire I fault status in unambiguous colored LED Indications.
System On, AC fall, silence ‘J1suallndicatlons.
Battery Low& Common fire/fault Indications.
Two mode selection facility (Auto/Manual) with cross zoning.
Gas Inhibition and Instant Release Facirrty. ” Actuator Pressure Low Sensing.
Feather touch switches for auto/manual mode selection, manual release. manual abort, Disable operations.
UP/DOWN switch for delay time setting.
Sov line monitoring facility and rine status through LED display.
LED ind1cationfor valve operations and gas discharged.
7-segment display for discharged delay time setting.
Key lock for enabling and disabling of control switches.
Common fire, fault and pre-discharge potential free contacts.

Digitally Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Technical Features Features
Advanced microprocessor based DIGITAL ADDRESSABLE fire alarm panel Modular concept
2 – 32 Zone digitally addressable zones Simple robust design
Each zone supports 32 Addressable devices (any combination) Intuitive to use
Supports ASES addressable MCP, Monitor Module & ZMU. Easy to maintain
32 Character field programmable point text for each Sensor Easy to expand
40 X 2 Character LC Display Easy to network
Networkable / Stand Alone Models Easy to install
Metal shield, anti-electromagnetic interference. Easy to configure
Peer to Peer networking up to 27 main panels & 4 repeater.
Zone wise sounder circuit
Thermal Printer Connectivity (Optional)
TCP/lP Based Remote Monitoring (Optional)
PC Based Graphic Software for easy monitoring (Optional)
field Programming through ATX Keyboard
Event Logging with RTC
All Zone wiring circuits are supervised
Operates on 220V 50Hz Ac Mains Power
24V DC Stand-by with built in charger
RS485 port for Repeater Panel
Zone isolation facility
Zone wise fire, fault & isolation LED indication

Repeater panel

RS 485 repeater for main panels.
16 x 2 line display to show the status of main panels
Battery Low& Common fire/fault Indications.
LED indications for alarm & fault.
No separate wiring required.
Small in size.
Zone wise repeating.
Compatible with all ASES- 485 networking panel.


Product Features Main Features
Strong adaptability for environment Power supply polarity free input
SMT Design. high stability. Infrared photoelectric sensor
10- 30 Voltage operating range. MCU processing, eliminate false alarm
Power supply non-polarized Input Network relay output I LED indicating alarm
Remote LEO indicator output(2- wire). SMT manufacture technology, high stability
Twin ted for 360″visual. Flashing LEO power indicator. Dust proof, moth-proof, anti-light interference design
Metal shield, anti-electromagnetic interference. Stainless steel shield in chamber. anti-RFI(20V/m-1 GHz)

Response indicator


  1. Compatibility with all detectors.
  2. Dual LED lamp.
  3. ABS Body.
  4. Wall Mounted / ceiling mounted

Technical Specification

Specification M.S Back Mini -W
Power I/P 24 V DV 24 V DV
Current Consumption 5 MA 5 MA
Housing ABS + MS ABS
Weight 300 gm 50 gm
Dimension 75 x 105 x 40 65 x 55 x 35
Colour White Red / White

Fire Alarm Accessories

Hooter with flasher and strobe & Manual call box


Manual Call Box Hooter with Flasher Hooter with Strobe
  1. Hi-Intensive sound (80 to 100 db).
  2. Tested by ERTL as per IS: 2189.
  3. LED flasher with wailing tone.
  4. Best uses for sound polluted area
  1. Compatibility with all conventional fire control panel
  2. Alarm test key facilities.
  3. Glass protected by thin film.
  4. Wall mounted.
  1. Hooter with flasher (Camera Flasher)
  2. Wall mounted type
  3. Attractive look
  4. Suitable for Mall, Bank, Restaurant etc
  5. Suitable for sound polluted areas

Technical Specification

Specification Manual Call Box Hooter with Flasher Hooter with Strobe
Power I/P 24 V DV 24 V DV 24 V DV
Sound O/P 100dB (Upto 10 feet) 300 MA
Current Consumption NA / 30MA(Normal /Fire) 100 MA 100 MA
Housing ABS M.S. Sheet PVC / ABS
Weight 150 gm 1.2 Kg 400 Gm
Dimension 85 x 85 x 50 130x 180 x 80 115 x 100 x 75

Two communication / PA system

PA Panel and console,  PA Speakers, Amplifier & Mike


  • Modular design, plug in type solid state.
  • Tested by ERTL as per IS: 2189
  • Expandable up to 2 to 50 zones
  • 16X2 line LCD
  • Common fire & Fault annunciation window
  • Analogue meters to measure AC supply, Battery current and DC operating voltage.
  • Amplifier wattage can be customized depending upon requirements.
  • Gooseneck mic attached.
  • Zone wise selector switch and all switch facility.
  • Music player attachable facility.
  • Inbuilt battery charger and battery space.
  • Mains, AC fail, fuse blown LED indication

Technical Specification

I/P Supply 230V AC
Stand by Supply 24 V DV
Current Consumption Customized
End of Line 4k7
Detection O/P 24 VDC
Hooter O/P 100V AC
Housing MS Sheet
Dimension Customized
Colour Red
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